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Yazid & Co is  a boutique litigation firm which strives to help clients through effective and practical solutions. Yazid believes in a more focused legal service as he takes lead in litigation and advocacy whilst working together with capable and trusted solicitors in providing clients the complete package of both expertise without the need to compromise on either end.

Graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) with Bachelor of Law in 2012 and Diploma in Syariah Law & Practice in 2013. He was admitted to the Malaysian Bar in July 2013. Yazid was a Partner in Messrs Gan, Ho & Razlan Hadri before starting his own journey.

Yazid practices both civil and criminal litigation and takes up advisory work on syariah related matters. He has 10 years litigation experience before different levels of courts, from conducting trials at Magistrates, Sessions and High Courts to arguing appeals at High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court. Yazid also appears before the preliminary investigating committee of Malaysian Medical Council and disciplinary committee of Malaysian Bar Council in cases of alleged breach of the Code of Professional Conduct.


We specialise in law governing insurance and related contract not limited to motor accident (personal injury), fire policy, property damage, personal accident, life insurance and professional indemnity insurance claim


Help to resolve conflict in practical way as we specialises in litigation and dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration) for various areas of law under tort and contract such as, negligence, nuisance, defamation, breach of trust and breach of contract


Comprehensive legal services (advice and representation) for individuals and companies over employment dispute. This area of practice also includes workplace harassment.


We have acted for both individuals and corporations in a wide variety of disputes including, shareholders’ disputes, derivative actions, breach of trust and fiduciary duties.


Compassionate legal support for all family law related matters (marriage dissolution, child custody, protection order against domestic violence and property division)


We have experience in cases pertaining to election petition. The firm also represent aggrieved parties in cases concerning unlawful detention and custodial death


We handle criminal cases from beginning to end with personalized care. Past cases includes dangerous drug offences, assault, criminal force to outrage modesty, criminal breach of trust, and arson.


Qualification in Syariah Law equips Yazid with necessary know how to assist client in advisory capacity for matter relating to administration and distribution of assets (faraid) for muslim.


Aim to help client in resolving construction dispute fast by guiding them through proactive claim process under Construction Industry Payment And Adjudication Act 2012 (CIPAA)or in more diplomatic resolution under the Arbitration Act 2005 or the litigation process before the Court

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