16 Feb

Yazid has been appointed as Lead Counsel by Messrs Aslizan Intan Ruwaida & Partners ('AIRP') to represent main contractor for 'Project Cadangan Pembangunan Taman Alam Wawasan (Vision Park) Pulau Pinang', Cherang Sepadu Sdn Bhd ('Cherang Sepadu') to defend against CIPAA claim initiated by the sub-contractor Alba Nero Resources for outstanding interim payment.

Cherang Sepadu has terminated the service of Alba Nero Resources as their sub-contractor after the latter failed to complete the project work within the agreed timeline.

Whilst Cherang Sepadu is committed to defence the claim brought by Alba Nero Resources under CIPAA, Cherang Sepadu has been advised and instructed AIRP to file separate civil suit before the Penang High Court claiming for losses incurred by them in taking over and continuing the project work left by the same sub-contractor.

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