24 Apr

Yazid was appointed as Lead Counsel by Messrs Fareez & Partners to represent PBH Engineering Sdn Bhd over breach of construction contract with sub-contractor Y&S Ilham Jaya Sdn Bhd.

The claim filed by PBH Engineering focuses on the failure by the sub-contractor to complete contract work within the stipulated contract period thus allowing PBH Engineering the right to claim for the liquidated ascertained damages (LAD). The sub-contractor claimed they are entitled for extension of time and that there has been intervening act stopping PBH Engineering from claiming LAD.

The case is filed and being heard before Justice Alice Loke in Shah Alam High Court. The High Court on 19.12.2023 ruled in favour of PBH Engineering Sdn Bhd and ordered the sub-contractor Y&S Ilham Jaya Sdn Bhd to pay damages of RM 700,000-00.